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Sky Surfer Clone 1.26m, Seabreeze Parachute (62"), fpvhobby Parachute (81"), HK Paraglider 2.15m Parafoil, Hirobo Parachute (59") , Flex 1.7 V3 from (1.947m)
Hand-thrown parachute toy
(Sling parachute toy)
How to build yourself a hand-thrown parachute toy

Pictures from RCPPG

Paraplane Hirobo Sport (with trike SeabreezeParachutes)

RCPPG from

RC powered paraglider paramotor from

Fly hand-thrown parachute toy
RC powered paraglider paramotor from
I have a passion for radio controlled powered parachute.  I tried to introduce my trials and successes with these wonderful models. You will find here many pictures during the construction and trying to find the best solutions. The idea was always to get fit in as small a budget as possible, could be reproduced by anyamateur with usual tools. The advantages of these models are flight safetysmall storage space,  ease of transport, reduced complexity , small space for landing.  The new homemade parachute toy is my favorite ! Very simple,  and a lot of fun at flying field, a permanent invitation to the sports movement (no RC).
NEW: hand-thrown parachute toy (Sling parachute toy) !!! ( contact me if you want one ; it's a handmade product )
or build your self  using this instructions (visual) - use forum if you have some questions about.
Hand-thrown parachute toy (Slig parachute)

Hand-thrown parachute toy
Index !
Sky ParachuteSky Parachute HX-255
Seabreeze Gondola
Seabreze Parachute Build
Quick Build Seabreeze Electric (QBSE)
RC Paraplane PM2
RC Paraplane PM-2
Paracopter GR
Gold Rosita Paracopter 655
Sky Surfer DIY
Sky Surfer Homemade DIY RC powered parachute
Flex 1.7 V3 flypg
Sky Surfer Homemade DIY RC powered parachute
Hand-thrown parachute toy
Hand-thrown parachute toy

VI (2013)
RC Powered Paraglider
FLEX 1.7 V3 flypg

Flex 1.7 V3 flypg
My best choice !
Flex 1.7 V3 flypg
My video
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 My favorit video
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I (2008)
Sky Surfer Clones
Sky Parachute, Gold Rosita Paracoter
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Sky Surfer Clone
Upgrade to BL/ESC HX-255

Paracopter (Skysurfer) cu mini camera video

RC Sky Paracopter Pilot

Gondola: HX255 with BL-X 22/18, BL-17, propeller 8 x 3,8", servo ZS F-100, rx: AR500, with parachute from paracopter gold-rosita. Tx: Spektrum DX5e. Minicamera: mini Dv MD80.
Gold Rosita Paracopter
II (2009)
Seabreeze Parachute RTF
Trike(Gondola) after Troy's Plan

My new gondola (QBSE)
Enjoy of flying Seabreeze Parachute (click to see the video)
III (2010)
HK Paraglider Parafoil 2.15m
HK Paraglider Parafoil 2.15m new rigging
Re-string HK Paraglider !
( RTF variant )
Rigging HK Paraglider Parafoil 2.15m
HK Paraglider parafoil 2.15m w SkyAssistant
IV (2011)
fpvhobby Parachute RTF
Parachute from Istanbul

New Parachute
Parachute details (Click me !)
V (2012)
Paraplane Sport

Paraplane Sport Hirobo
Parachute Hirobo details (Click me !)

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